If you are visiting here, you or someone you know has had repeated problems with health and illnesses. No answers have been found after extensive testing and a number of "specialists". Sometimes we just need to take our own health into our own hands. Read through and see if anything here gives you a clue in your own health mysteries.

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Emerging issues coming to light in the medical community at a very slow pace, and hopefully soon, to the scientific arenas as well as the court systems, are the health affects created by products we use everyday in our lives. Several examples are pesticides to control the pests, natural gas to heat our homes, solvents to clean our messes. Alot of people are concerned about the earth in regards to this matter. I am in agreement in this area, but I think first and foremost should be the health of the citizens of this world.

   My reason for this site is to provide information in the area of what         chemicals can do to your body. I learned first hand how these products of life can take your living away. My name is Mary. I am very blessed and greatful   to be alive. As you will see there is a method to my madness in this matter. Just read on and see if you find any connections in your life. If  so, there are web sites listed to help.          

   This site as of 9-15-01 will be 6 months old. Although the numbers of visitors is  small, 302 at this time, I would have preferred that there were no visitors at all due to the reasons for the visits.                              

  There has been a tragedy in our nation. I have no words that can express my shock, rage, and devistation that I feel during this time. I am so PROUD to  be an AMERICAN and to live in this country. I extend my heart and feeling to all the people who feel the same as I. We have lost many as of this date of   9-13-01, and no one knows what the final result will be. These people gave   their lives so that we might live a better life. A THANK YOU seems very small and so does I'M SORRY. I feel that no words are enough. All we can do as a loving people is to support each other and try to get back to the matters that has made this country great.

   In regards to this site and its purpose I feel it is important to update at this time due to the weather changes coming in the next several months. Everyone will soon be heating our homes. Some by electric, some by natural gas, others by wood or coal. How do you heat your home?                         

  If you ever had an exposure to a "mist" of chemicals, then you need to read this! If you now have symptoms like sinus problems, constant colds, headaches, tired, weak, losing your breath instantly, bad taste, sudden "cooked noodle legs", among other things when you walk past someone wearing perfume, or trying to shop, or if you feel you need a full glass face mask just to go into public, you need to read this.

  When you have had an over exposure to a chemical or a combination of chemicals, your body becomes overloaded. The toxins sit in your tissues even after exposure has ended. When you then encounter another chemical,(and I must emphasize, IT IS NOT EVERY CHEMICAL - NOR IS EVERY BODY OR SYSTEM THE SAME, what might effect you does not effect me), it is as though the pot ran over. The next step is the reactions you have and they vary just as our systems do.

  There are a number of people who have been injured and no longer are able to live what is called life. They live from day to day in a restricted zone. Usually not due to any fault of their own, but due to the strive to make things faster, easier and less work. We as a society have enhanced our scientific knowledge in all the of aspects travel, (even into outer space), products to use for everything you could possibly think of and some that are very far fetched. We have made great strides in many areas of our young existince but there are several areas that need special attention right away.

  We are all aware of the advances in the medical field. There have been special hearings before congress on certain health issues but none have been held on this problem of MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES...MCS or CHEMICALLY INJURED...CI. As a matter of fact most sufferes have a hard time finding a doctor who either believes them, can treat them, or knows of a doctor who can treat them. I recently had a doctor tell me that I knew more about this than the whole office, about 40 doctors, (with one of the top 100 rated hospitals attached to it).

  The scientific community might have made progress in a number of areas but the testing of chemicals is very outdated and needs to be immediately updated. I do not believe in animal testing, but there are alot of test subjects out there who were "guinnie pigs" without our knowledge or consent. We have been over-exposed to the products that scientists have said will not hurt us. But we were hurt! We are telling people, but they either do not care, do not believe, don't have the time, costs to much, or they say the conventional testing says..no way!!

  Through my search I could find testing done to natural gas in 1975 and 1986. When I read the results I was amazed. And they say it won't hurt you! Over the years we have all heard of recalls on chemicals, followed by law suites from those who were injured by those recalled substances. We need open minded people doing the testing and reporting. We need to test fully before "putting it on the market and see if a problem arises". Money should not be the driving force behind the companies and the people who run them.

  I have always said, "If I could get the doctor, chemist, company owner, judge, lawyer, and now even a person who "bathes" in perfume, to spend 24 hours in my body, they would beg and pray I take it back in 12". Somehow we must unite in this quest for a better world and include those of us that have had these types of injuries. I hope your visit here has given a new inspiration if you are a sufferer, and if you do not have these problems, I'm happy for you however PLEASE help us. ALL of us are in a position to help to make changes, even if it is to just stop using some things that affect others such as I have explained. If you are in a position to change the laws, scientists to do testing or the medical community, DO SOMETHING! AND IF ANYONE NEEDS DETAILED INFORMATION TO ACCOMPLISH THIS, JUST ASK THE ONES WHO SUFFER, WE WILL GLADLY GIVE OUR DETAILS. Yes we do "need" to use some of these substances, no gas = no car, no natural gas = no heat for a lot, no paint= dirty walls, things to make us smell good...etc. We who ask others to cut down on their use of these, or to test these further, do understand this. We might have brain fog but we are not stupid! We just ask for some simple consideration...in the areas of life from the government, scientists, medical, judicial, and the areas of daily living from the women in the grocery store who used three squirts of perfume along with hair spray and lotion to the neighbor who sprayed his lawn in care, ( of his lawn, not anyone's health). BELIEVE US!! START CHECKING IT OUT!! WE HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO IN LIFE THAN TO MAKE UP SUCH STORIES. I DO NOT THINK SOOO MANY PEOPLE COULD HAVE COME UP WITH SUCH CLOSE STORIES AS THE ONES I'VE HEARD SINCE I BECAME SO AWARE OF THE PROBLEM BY LIVING IT.

  Our children should be a concern to everyone. If so many are affected by this problem it only stands to reason that others are susceptible as well, they just haven't had the overload yet. Will it be the company owner, his daughter, your son or my grandbabies. How many need to get sick before the money is no longer number one?

I'm offering this informational site with all good intentions. I am not slamming the gas industry, chemical companies or doctors. I however do think it is important for the public to be informed properly and timely. This is also not a substitute for your doctor, it's an enhancement, nor do I pretent to be anything other than a normal lay person that just happened to live through this saga!

   I choose these words very carefully so as not to give anyone the wrong idea. I am not a doctor or lawyer. I can only provide information that I LIVED and have found. I cannot give advice, but only suggestions. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please just follow the pages and e-mail me.

Check in and watch for updates to be finished in the next few weeks.